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Throughout the years, we achieved a large number of successful construction and renovation projects. We are familiar with HACCP, ACIA and GFSI standards. Our expertise: meat, dairy, beverages, food processing, storage and refrigerated storage. Our agri-food customer-base ranges from coast to coast.


For new buildings and expansions, we rely on design-construction contract. We provide a well-defined a step-by-step process in all transparency. We gather our team of long-time partners and/or professional experts based on the required expertise. Our objective is to maximize your investment and deliver a project that fits your budget.

Our 7-step process to delivering top-quality:

  • Evaluate needs, requirements, resources
  • Preliminary design
  • Preliminary evaluation of work
  • Funding confirmation
  • Pre-project drawings
  • Clarify construction uncertainties
  • Launch construction project
    /Construction management project

The pre-construction phase is key for us. At this stage, decisions have a ripple effect on deliverables and costs. We work with our customers from the very beginning. Because they are involved, customers stay informed and communicate their needs throughout the project. This process allows us to meet your objectives at the best cost.

Concrete construction

We offer concrete construction for the industrial sector. Our expertise in heavy industrial construction and our willingness to go above and beyond enables us to build conventional concrete formwork, complex concrete slabs on grade, base seating for heavy equipment and grinder.